We provide several services that will help you with your Solar System Process
Solar for Home
An always rising electric bill is capable inspiration to think about alternative option of energy system to your home. Solar energy is the most feasible option for most Home owners.
Solar for Business
solar energy as a power back up or supplementary power source in business application is more practical and reasonable. Companies pay immense power bills and they pay the most highest per unit
Solar Street Lights
The simplest and least expensive approach to using solar energy is going in for standalone solar street lights. It gives immediate lighting solutions in any given time.
Solar Water Heater
Solar water heater use sunlight to heat water for domestic, swimming pools, industrial purpose and more. A regular solar water heater consists of collector, an insulated tank and pipes.




About Us

Solarzzy decided to do was tackle one of the greatest, most important challenges our nation and the world faces. We understood that utilities in this nation have hardly changed in a century and something should have been done about our air pollution and energy issues. Solar energy appeared like the answer, in past yet it was too unreasonable and complex for most of the peoples. But recently pricing have came down and now to go solar energy is more affordable for most of the people in India.

Over the course of the years as we've gained experience, we've become (we accept) the best by giving planet-changing home solar energy system affordable, simple and low risk way. We've helped people switch from purchasing the same dirty, costly power to clean sunlight based energy from Solarzzy.

By collaborating with our network of leading manufactures and installers, Solarzzy keeps on offering fantastic service, high quality installation and the best start to finish experience you'll discover.

We're continually searching for better approaches to innovate the Solarzzy business to make solar energy available to all the people in India. Our joined capacities will help us lower expenses while constructing high quality systems that we can offer to more consumers.

We're excited for what's in store and realizing this is only the start of realizing our vision to make a planet fueled by the sun by giving every individual a less expensive, cleaner choice for energy.