Commercial Solar System

Solar power energy is alluring in light of the fact that it is plenteous and offers an answer for fossil fuel emissions and worldwide global change. Earth gets solar energy at the rate of roughly 1,73,000 TW. This tremendously surpasses both the present yearly worldwide energy utilization rate of around 15 TW, and any possible necessity later on. India is endowed with rich of solar energy. The radiation accessible could be used for photovoltaic applications.

As far as all renewable energy, at present India is positioned fifth on the planet with 15,691.4 MW Grid connected and 367.9 MW off-grid renewable energy based on power capacity. India is among main 5 destinations worldwide for solar energy development.

Utilizing solar energy as a power back up or supplementary power source in business application is more practical and reasonable. Companies pay immense power bills and they pay the most highest per unit expense, using to solar energy will be extremely valuable and these organizations or foundations also spend enormous cost on running diesel generators when power go down. A unit created through diesel back up expenses around Rs. 12-15, and the ever increasing expense of fuel and maintenance make it significantly more unviable later on. Solar energy is the best answers for organizations who acquire substantial power and diesel bills.

We offer both on Grid and off-Grid solar system, with and with without a battery bank. With the new government approach to permit net-metering makes solar energy the best alternative.

Business Advantage of Solar energy

    Reduced operating Cost
  • Lock-in energy costs for quite a long time to come
  • Decrease your carbon foot shaped impression
  • All by delivering clean, cost-effective energy harnessed by the sun.