Solar Water Pump

Solar powered water pumps are specially made to lift water for watering system, cultivation farms, gardens, drinking and other similar works. These solar water pumps are best options for areas where there is no power or shortage of power supply. Simple Photovoltaic solar water pump frameworks can be effortlessly installed and require minimum maintenance. We supply different models of solar water pumps, solar submersible water pumps and the uniquely outlined modules of the framework can withstand extreame climate conditions, for example, storm, rain and dust and are impact resistance.

Solar water pumps - draws power from solar cell/ modules to work an engine pump set. Solar water pumps utilize specially created and energy effective motor pump sets to accomplish higher release which off sets the high initial cost. A solar powered PV water pumping system consists of various solar PV modules connected in series parallel combination to produce adequate energy to work a water motor pump. The solar PV modules are placed on a metal frame in a way that the mounting casing can be turned/ tilted to ensure that the modules continue confronting the sun for the duration of the day. The system does not have any storage battery bank since power created is utilized straightforwardly without even a moment's pause..The pumping system can draw water from the open well/ bore well or stream/ lake or channel.